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Here's a list of all the Amiga software and miscellaneous bits I've released over the years, including some OS3.x/68K and Linux ports.

The source code is generally included in the archives, allowing you to review and modify the code if needed.

If you find these applications useful and would like to show your appreciation, I won't stop you from clicking here and making a donation


Filename Version Size Date CPU Description
CapsTestPPC.lha 1.1 3K 2009-09-30 PPC Reports caps lock status, useful for scripts etc.
AmiSnap.lha 1.4 48K 2008-11-26 PPC Iconify any window on your wb with FX
Crash.lha 2.0 38K 2008-06-14 PPC Triggers Grim Reaper and/or Guru alerts
CubeBM.lha 1.0 28K 2008-05-17 PPC MiniGL Cube with benchmarks
BrowserII-Patch.lha 3.10 19K 2008-05-17 68K Patch BrowserII bug in ParsePattern()
RXHelp.lha 51.1 14K 2008-05-15 N/A Show rexx commmands supported by programs
Commander.lha 2.1 71K 2008-03-05 PPC A multi-purpose blanker module
libargp.lha 1.3 362K 2008-02-26 PPC libargp.a - standalone argp from glibc
xdelta3.lha 3.0 83K 2008-02-24 PPC binary diff,differential compression tool
lmbench-2.5.lha 2.8 1.1M 2008-02-24 PPC Mostly complete port: lmbench test suite
ivcon.lha 1.15 584K 2008-02-24 PPC 3D Graphics File Conversion
PingBoing.lha 1.0 16K 2008-02-24 PPC Make your mouse pointer bounce
AnimaPoint.lha 1.0 93K 2008-02-24 PPC Animate your mouse pointer.
AllocMem.lha 1.2 19K 2007-12-18 PPC A command to decrease the available RAM
AtlantisGL.lha 1.0 87K 2007-12-01 PPC Sharks, whales & dolphin demo (GL/3D)
FSay.lha 1.0 11K 2007-10-20 PPC A say command for Flite
AmIRSayUpdate.lha 6.1 47K 2007-10-02 N/A Updated/fixed speech for AmIRC/WookieChat
NSLookup-nicomen.lha 1.2 4K 2007-06-08 PPC Look up IP addresses and hostnames
ScreenToBack.lha 1.0 18K 2006-10-15 PPC Push the frontmost screen to the back
SNoti_OS4.lha 1.0 20K 2006-09-19 PPC Run command when files/dirs are changed
iTimeCalc_OS4.lha 1.1 10K 2006-09-13 PPC Shows current Swatch Beat (Internet time)
themesaver.lha 1.1b 891K 2006-08-09 N/A Save and recall your Workbench themes
timer.lha 1.2 26K 2006-08-07 PPC Time how long it takes to execute a command
delay.lha 1.0 8K 2006-06-25 PPC Wait any number of ticks (1/50th sec.)
uniquename.lha 1.0 9K 2006-06-22 PPC Generates unique (random) strings
uniquedate.lha 1.0 8K 2006-06-22 PPC Generates unique numeric date/timestamps
rainbowblanker.lha 1.1 44K 2006-02-09 PPC Rainbow Blanker Module
serialbridge_os4.lha 0.6 7K 2006-02-09 PPC Bridges between serial devices (with source)
mmvolume.lha 1.0 8K 2005-12-02 N/A Control Mixer's Master Volume from dock
WBTitlebar.lha 1.0 18K 2005-12-02 PPC Switch the workbench titlebar On/Off
headtail13.lha 1.3 45K 2005-11-23 PPC Show first/last n lines/chars/blocks of a file
wbopen.lha 1.0 7K 2005-11-23 PPC Open drawers and icons from the shell and scripts
wbclose.lha 1.0 7K 2005-11-23 PPC Close drawers from the shell and scripts
sdl_perl.lha 1.19.2 2.1M 2005-11-23 PPC Simple DirectMedia Library Bindings for Perl
echo2debug.lha 1.1 13K 2005-11-18 PPC Echo a string to the debug output
cliexchange15.lha 1.5 19K 2005-11-15 PPC Shell equivalent to Exchange
cgterm.lha 1.7b2 1.7M 2005-06-01 PPC CGTerm 1.7b2/OS4 - an SDL Telnet BBS C/G terminal
ac-bootpic.lha 1.1 333K 2005-05-24 PPC Animated boot pictures
ac-bootpic.lha 1.0 62K 2005-03-24 N/A Animated boot picture
titleclock.lha 1.2 7K 2005-02-17 PPC Display the date and time in the WB title
rearg.lha 1.0 4K 2005-02-17 PPC Adds flexibility to Alias command
addmenu.lha 1.3 10K 2004-08-30 PPC Adds more menus to the OS4 Workbench
AmigaBoingV.lha 1.0 247K 2002-04-21 N/A Amiga Logo 1600x1200 (ILBM24) for printing.
3GlobesSmall.lha 1.0 891K 2001-10-07 N/A Anim of earth from Stargate SG-1 320x300x8x30
3Globes.lha 1.0 6.5M 2001-10-07 N/A Anim of earth from Stargate SG-1 640x480x8x60
RadarTA.lha 1.0 31K 2001-01-08 68K Radar Transfer Anim for any web browser.
3DHome.lha 1.0 333K 2000-11-27 68K 3D interface for X10 modules and EZHome.
DNS.lha 1.3 39K 1999-04-18 68K Check if is available. 1.3 (bugfix)
SendEmail.lha 1.3 18K 1997-10-21 68K Sends an email from a simple Shell command line

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